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The Basics

Audiograms are a way of turning audio into video.


Your audio is displayed visually using what is called a "Waveform" or "Equaliser". To put it simply, your audio is played with a visual representation of the artwork to accompany it.

They are incredibly powerful social media tools.

Audiograms grab the attention of your audience in a way that text or audio alone won't do.

You can use 3rd party websites to create them.

Fear not, you don't need any advanced video / audio production skills to create these. Instead there are websites and tools specifically designed to create them for you.

How Can I Improve?



Step 1

Check out some examples of audiograms to familiarise yourself with the concept. Some great examples can be found here.

Step 2

Look at some of the websites designed to help you create audiograms. The service that I personally recommend is Wavve.

Step 3

Use your audiograms to promote your podcast on social media. Instagram and Facebook in particular respond very well to audiograms.

Don't Forget...

  • Videos are the best way to promote your podcast;

  • Audiograms create great engagement on social media;

  • Use third party tools to create them - don't do it yourself!

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