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Booking Guests

The Basics

Give & Take.

Make sure to offer something to prospective guests, make it feel like you are offering them something rather than just asking them to do something for you.

Stay pro-active.

There are a number of actionable steps you can take each day to reach out to guests and maximise your chances of booking them. We will go through some of those steps here.

Online networking tools can be invaluable.

Rather than just relying on social media there are networking sites specifically designed to connect podcasters.

How Can I Improve?



Step 1

Firstly, check out my list of actionable steps that you can start implementing today here.

Step 2

Pay particular attention to networking sites designed for podcasters such as Podchaser or PodcastGuests.

Step 3

Offer incentives for appearing on your show such as plugging new material or advertising their business / services. For this reason, authors make excellent podcast guest opportunities.

Don't Forget...

  • Be pro-active and don't wait for guests to come to you;

  • Never be afraid to reach out, but make sure messages are personal and not spammed out to dozens of people at a time;

  • Online networking and social media sites are no brainers for connecting with new people.

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