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Early Days

The Basics

The first 2-4 weeks after launch are key.

When your podcast first launches you have a great opportunity to gain momentum and give your podcast a springboard from which to grow.

Launch with momentum.

Having a selection of episodes available from day one can create habitual listening in a short space of time.

Utilise trailers.

Having a trailer uploaded before the first episodes go live is a great technique for preparing your podcast for subscriptions and also making that first listener click more accessible.

How Can I Improve?



Step 1

Create a trailer for your podcast. Contact me for some guidance on this but usually this will be a short recording by the podcast host (around 1-2 minutes usually) outlining the key features of the podcast and what listeners can expect from the show.

Step 2

Upload the trailer episode to all platforms before you start uploading episodes. Having the trailer available first provides two functions.

1. It teases the audience and creates a sense of occasion around launch.

2. It allows you to ensure the podcast is available on all of your desired platforms before you commit to a full "launch".

Step 3

Launch your podcast with a selection of episodes, not just one. Having one episode available gives listeners nowhere to go, whereas if there are a few ready to listen to this can create habitual listening. I recommend launching with 3-5 episodes initially.

Step 4

Finally, and arguably most importantly, do a massive push for reviews in the first two weeks. Pick a platform to focus your reviews on (Apple Podcasts is usually best), and ask friends and family to leave you a five star review.


If you can get around twenty reviews in the first two weeks of launch you stand a good chance of getting in the "New & Noteworthy" section of Apple Podcasts. This will give you an initial kickstart to your listenership.

Step 5

After the initial launch period, message two people every day asking them to leave your podcast a five star review.

Don't Forget...

  • The first 2-4 weeks are very important for a podcast launch;

  • A trailer is a very powerful promo tool;

  • Do a big push for reviews initially, and continue the push after launch.

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