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Episode Ideas

The Basics

Don't be afraid to mix up your format.

Most podcasts have an established format of some sort. Having a format is a good foundation but don't feel you have to rigidly stick to that format all the time.

Shorter episodes are very impactful.

If you normally do longer shows, consider throwing in some shorter "mini" shows. These create great engagement in accessible chunks.

Use your back catalogue.

Podcasts are evergreen content so make sure to utilise them properly.

How Can I Improve?


If you are struggling with ideas for your episodes, try the following: 


Switch up the format

If you normally record solo episodes then why not invite a colleague or friend onto your show to discuss some of the topics you have already discussed in more detail.

Mini Series

Consider creating a mini series around a key concept. If you normally release a half an hour episode on a topic, perhaps try running three shorter ten minute shows in succession to create some more bitesize content and spread out your episodes.

Topical Update

If your industry witnesses some important news then have the confidence to address your audience on it. For example, let's say you run a podcast interviewing film directors and a new blockbuster is announced. Why not record a quick monologue with a timely update for listeners.

Best of

When you have a fairly extensive selection of episodes already available then why not consider releasing a "best of" episode where you outline some of the highlights of the last series.

Top 10

A common technique in blogs and articles which also works very well in audio form. Create a top 10 list around your podcast subject matter. For example a fitness podcast might release a "Top 10 Workout Myths" episode.

Guest Reflections

Consider alternating your interview episodes with shorter solo shows where you reflect on the points made in the interview.

Back Catalogue

In a pinch, consider re-releasing a previous episode with a fresh intro. This works particularly well if you have a long running podcast where your audience may not have heard the early episodes.

Download Rankings

Sometimes at the end of the year, or perhaps towards the end of a series, it can be nice to do a compilation of the most downloaded episodes. For example "The top 5 downloaded episodes of 2021". You can then have a snippet from each episode and a reflection from you, the host.

Don't Forget...

  • Formats are flexible, not rigid;

  • Use variation in length to create shorter shows / mini-series;

  • Utilise your back catalogue.

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