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Libsyn Checkup

The Basics

There are many hosting sites, I recommend Libsyn

Most hosting sites essentially do the same thing - they store your podcast and push it to multiple destinations. My area of expertise is within Libsyn so if you use this site I can offer more help and guidance than on other sites.

Optimise your back end

Keeping your hosting site and RSS feed in order helps listeners find and enjoy your show and keeps your podcast looking fresh on all platforms.

Good descriptions and links add a pro feel

Taking some time to fill in the episode / podcast information sections thoroughly, including good descriptions and external links, keeps your podcast looking slick.

How Can I Improve?



Check in with me

Be Heard podcasters that use Libsyn can ask me to take a look at their Libsyn account and check that everything is in order. If there are any areas for improvement I can make some suggestions and / or take care of it myself.

To take advantage of this free offer, just email me with your Libsyn login credentials.

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