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Show Notes

The Basics

You do not need super detailed show notes.

Whilst it is advisable to have a description of some sort for each episode, you do not need pages upon pages to be effective.

Timestamps & transcripts are labour intensive.

Generally timestamps and transcripts are one of the last things to consider and are for more advanced podcasters.

Useful links can be valuable.

Links to websites or resources mentioned in the show can be useful for listeners to find in the show notes.

How Can I Improve?



Step 1

As a minimum, try to have a bespoke sentence or two about each episode in your show notes. You might consider having a template for each episode where the majority of the links / text stays the same but with a unique sentence or two at the start.

Step 2

If you are comfortable doing the above, then you might consider also adding some links from the episode in the description. Having a "Links" section for each episode is a nice touch.

Step 3

Transcripts are generally not necessary for podcasts and generally wouldn't be put in the show notes. However you may decide to have a transcript available externally on your website for example. Services such as Temi can help with this.

Timestamps are another area where I usually say your efforts are better focussed elsewhere. Unless you genuinely feel you are doing everything else you can for your podcast I would avoid transcripts and timestamps.

Don't Forget...

  • Keep show notes simple - at least to start with;

  • Don't use too much energy on transcripts / timestamps;

  • Link to resources mentioned in the episode where possible.

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