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Solo Recordings

The Basics

Recording solo is the simplest recording setup.


Creating a top quality recording of your own voice is very achievable as long as the basic principles of recording are followed.

Never record over the internet!


Don't be tempted to record your solo recordings using Zoom / Squadcast / Zencastr etc. These tools are great for remote interviews but will not provide the sound quality that a simple local recording will.

Mark your mistakes.


During recording it's inevitable that at some point you make a mistake and want to record something again. If this happens be sure to mark your mistakes correctly using my pause and clap method.

How Can I Improve?



Step 1

Familiarise yourself with how to record locally on your computer. For Mac users I recommend Quicktime, for PC users I recommend Audacity. Follow my recording guides for more information.

Step 2

Do a quick mic test to ensure you are recording correctly.

Step 3

Make sure to familiarise yourself with the pause and clap method for marking mistakes. If you make an error...

1. Pause in silence for at least 10 seconds

2. Clap your hands once

This will ensure that I spot the edit point and fix it cleanly. If you do not mark your mistakes it is very likely that errors will slip through the net.

Step 4

Go through my recording checklist before every single recording.

Don't Forget...

  • A top quality sound is achievable by anyone;

  • Record locally rather than over the internet;

  • Mark your mistakes with a pause and clap.

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