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Promotion Basics

The Basics

Understand your goal for the podcast.

Knowing exactly what you want your podcast to achieve is vital for tailoring your promotion tactics.


Those looking to grow an audience and monetise a podcast with a sponsor may focus on reviews and social media. Others may want to promote their own business through their podcast in which case concise calls to action and strong value offerings are more important.

Little strategies make a big impact.

There is no one single thing you can do that will guarantee podcast success. Instead, make the most of tried and tested techniques to maximise your chances of podcast growth.

Podcasts are a slow burn.

Unlike other mediums such as videos or vines, the opportunity for overnight viral success is quite low in the podcast world. Instead, podcasts offer a more reliable and consistent audience growth over time.

How Can I Improve?



Step 1

Consider your objectives for the podcast and tailor your promotion tactics towards that goal. Do not aimlessly try and get listeners whatever the cost. Choose an audience, a call to action, and target your promotion to them.

Step 2

Check out my promotion page for some quick and actionable steps to get your podcast out there.

Step 3

Cross promote. Your podcast does not exist in isolation. If you have audiences on other social media platforms then connect these audiences together for maximum impact.

Step 4

Place your focus on consistently offering value to your target audience. Offering value on a regular basis combined with some of the basic promotion principles gives your podcast every chance of solid growth.

Don't Forget...

  • Promotion tactics should be tailored to your audience / goals;

  • Keep on the front foot with pro-active steps towards gaining listeners;

  • Cross-promotion is a highly effective strategy.

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