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Marking Your Mistakes

We all make mistakes during recording. Here's how to ensure they are fixed.

Lots of things might happen during recording that you want to remove, for example...

The Doorbell Rings

Bathroom Break

Question Redo

If something like this happens, here's what to do...

Step 1: Pause in silence for at least 10 seconds

Step 2: Clap your hands once

Why do I need to do this?

During the editing process I will actively be looking for mistakes and any opportunities to tighten up the audio for you. However I don't manually listen through every single second of the podcast. So marking your mistakes with a gap and clap ensures that nothing slips through the net.

Example 1: Clear 10 second gap and clap

Gap and Clap.png

Mistakes clearly visible. Any edits will be spotted and fixed seamlessly.

Example 2: No gap or clap

No Gap or Clap.png

Mistakes may not be spotted.

Example 3: Clap, but no 10 second gap

Clap No Gap.png

Mistakes may not be spotted.

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