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Affordable For Everyone

I believe that everyone should be able to launch a podcast.

The vast majority of the podcasts I work on are charged as follows: 

Typical Pricing

Solo Episodes: £20-£35 (+VAT)

Interview Episodes: £40-£60 (+VAT)

VAT is charged at 20% in the UK. Businesses outside of the UK do not have to pay VAT.

The exact cost of your podcast will depending on factors such as the length of the show, the level of production required, and the amount of editing.

How much will my podcast cost?

My podcast is...

Solo: £20

Interview: £40

Typical Price

Less Complex

Shorter episodes​

Less editing required

Simpler production

More Complex

Longer episodes​

More editing required

Complex production

Solo: £35

Interview: £60

Typical Price

Looking for an exact price?

I offer a free trial episode to all podcasters, during which I will familiarise myself with your podcast requirements. After the trial episode I can confirm an exact price per podcast.

Interested in a free trial? Find out more below or get in touch.

I send an invoice via Xero at the end of each month. This arrives in your email inbox with a "Pay Now" button. You can pay via PayPal or with a Credit / Debit card. 

Bank transfers are also possible, just contact me to arrange this.

How Do I Pay You?

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