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The Basics

Reviews are the strongest metric for pod success.

Whether you are a potential listener or a prospective sponsor, reviews are one of the first places you will look to gauge the quality of a podcast. More reviews = more interest.

Never stop asking.

Don't limit your push for reviews to the first few weeks of launch. Keep up the effort and remember that some people will have to be prompted dozens of times before actually committing to leaving a review.

Sharing is caring.

Reading out reviews on your podcast is an excellent way to thank listeners and also encourage new reviewers by offering them their five minutes of fame on your pod.

How Can I Improve?



Step 1

Create a vanity URL which directs people to your podcast review page. Something catchy like "" is much more likely to stick in the mind for listeners on the go.

Step 2

Check out my review page for some actionable steps to help you gain more reviews.

Step 3

Offer incentives for reviews. You might decide to read reviews out on the show, you might run a competition, or you might decide to let listeners ask questions in their reviews. 

Step 4

Message two people each day asking them to leave your podcast a review. Try not to spam out a message to everyone you know in one go asking for a review. Instead, tailor your message to each person and engage in a conversation to create a sense of obligation.

Don't Forget...

  • Don't neglect reviews - they are an incredibly powerful metric;

  • Utilise my actionable steps for gaining reviews;

  • Keep up the push consistently well after launch.

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