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The Basics

Staying ahead of the game is key.

If you are recording episodes on the fly and releasing them as and when, you are more likely to feel pressured to record and less likely to enjoy the process.

You can schedule episodes well in advance.

Using Libsyn (or other hosting sites) you can choose when to release your episodes and schedule a whole series for release months in advance if you want to.

Utilise "seasons" to take the pressure off.

Having breaks between series can be a very effective way of keeping the podcast deadlines under control without feeling the constant pressure to release an episode.

How Can I Improve?



Step 1

Review your podcast workload. Are you happy with your current release schedule? Do you find yourself frequently in catch up mode? Or are you on top of your episodes?

Step 2

If you are struggling, consider altering the podcast frequency. You might consider moving from a weekly show to a fortnightly show. Or if you have too much content you could even up the release frequency. 

Step 3

If you want to keep the momentum of a weekly show but are finding yourself under pressure to meet the deadlines then consider switching to seasons. You can have a season of a set number of episodes (somewhere between 8-20 is quite common but there are no hard rules), and release these weekly until the end of the season.


After the season you can take a bit of a break and use the time to catch up on recordings ready for the next series.

Don't Forget...

  • Adapt your release frequency to suit your workload;

  • Stay as ahead of the game as possible - ideally a few episodes in advance;

  • Utilise seasons to give yourself a break.

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