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Need help spreading the word? 

Try out some of these actionable steps to get your podcast into more ears.

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Who are you trying to reach?

Before setting sail into the ocean of promotion, have a clear idea in your head of who your ideal listener is and target yourself to them.  If you try to appeal to everybody, you'll end up appealing to nobody. 

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The perfect sign off

Adding a link to your podcast in your email signature is a dead simple way to share your podcast. It's unobtrusive, costs nothing, and really... it's a no brainer.



You scratch my back...

Connect with other podcasters and ask to appear on each other's shows. Being on their podcast is a great opportunity to address a fresh audience. Having them on your podcast will likely bring some of their listeners to you. Everybody wins.

Image by Patrick Fore


Spark a conversation

If you mention someone in your podcast, tell them! Perhaps you mention a book you recently read. If so, tell the author and link them to the episode. You might be surprised how many of them share it with their audience.

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The ultimate teaser

Add some pizazz to your social media posts with a professional audiogram. Don't be intimidated as these are very easy to create using online tools such as Wavve. Pick a short, captivating snippet from an episode and away you go!

Image by Sincerely Media


Share the love

Reach out to content creators in your niche and set up a cross-promotion. Agree that you'll mention them on your platform and vice versa. 

Image by Nathan Dumlao


Bring out the selfie stick

If you are doing an in person interview, grab a quick photo with the guest for a super easy social media post. Conducting the interview remotely? A screenshot works just as well!

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A blast from the past

Not all of your audience will have heard all of your episodes. If a topic that you've discussed before comes up on an episode then a quick interjection with the episode number is an amazing way to encourage habitual listening.

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