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Reignite Your Podcast

Give your show a new "lick of paint" and keep it sounding fresh.

A soft relaunch is a miniature version of a podcast rebrand. The podcast fundamentals stay the same, but you introduce some new elements to prevent the show feeling old or stale.

There are lots of ways to do this, for example...

What is a soft relaunch?

New Music

How long has your music track been the theme for your show? For most podcasters the music stays the same for years. There is nothing fundamentally wrong with this at all, however those looking to freshen things up might decide to include a new track.

You do not have to ditch the old track altogether, you might decide to keep it and just use a different track for adverts / sponsorship sections for example.

A new music track works very well when launching a new series, or alongside a...

New Intro / Outro

For some podcasters, the intro and outro they are using are the same ones that they recorded in their very first episode. In a lot of cases the podcast may have evolved to cover different subjects or may have shifted direction over time. 

Alternatively your objectives for the podcast may have changed. Perhaps you have a new book or a course you are looking to promote.

In any of these circumstances a new intro and outro can be a great opportunity to add some calls to action and bring your audience up to date with the latest version of the show.

Turn The Tables

Those with an interview based podcast may have had conversations with tens or even hundreds of guests. But how well do your audience know you and your offerings?

When interviewing so many different guests it can be easy to forget to shine the spotlight on yourself occasionally. Consider inviting someone on to your show to interview you. These episodes can create fantastic engagement.

Episode Shuffle

A lot of podcasts have only one type of episode. Perhaps they are an interview podcast, or a solo podcast show, or maybe they consist of more casual conversations.

It's important to know that you do not have to rigidly stick to one show format and, in fact, introducing new styles of episode can be a fantastic way to create dynamism with your podcast. 

See my episode ideas page for inspiration.

I'm Here To Help

Whatever your vision for your podcast, I am here to support you and bring it to life. So don't hesitate to contact me with any questions.

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